GONFTY: a metaverse Ecosystem built on Blockchain

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5 min readMar 26, 2022

Every user on the network will be able to interact virtually in the digital universe with Metaverse’s new Metaverse platform, which integrates aspects of social media with gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, and cryptocurrency.
Virtual reality is an entirely virtual environment that enhances fictional realities in which users can interact with various objects on the virtual universe, while the Metaverse itself combines two essential elements: augmented reality will overlay visual images from the physical world with sound and other sensory input into real-world settings on the virtual environment, enhancing the user experience.
Gonfty, a Blockchain-based metaverse project, is one of the most anticipated Blockchain-based metaverse projects because it combines the metaverse mechanism with the cryptocurrency, which is a more secure and transparent form of a decentralized virtual environment.

GONFTY is a new metaverse ecosystem built on blockchain technology that aims to serve as a seamless link between the financial and gaming industries, allowing users to transact with one another in real time. As part of their new digital transformation, the Gonfty team pushed for a place where everyone could access a parallel universe using a virtual reality and augmented reality combination, which they believe is the future of the metaverse ecosystem.
A new robust decentralized metaverse ecosystem combined with the NFT with greater scalability is being developed by the MMG team that designed the metaverse ecosystem, and it will also allow all users on the ecosystem to exchange their digital collections on the NFT marketplace while simultaneously providing access to a wider range of content. In addition, their team also plans to combine the traditional market system with blockchain technology.
To make the global virtual entertainment market, especially the gaming sector, much better, the Gonfty team is creating a new metaverse ecoystem based on blockchain technology with seamless implementation to create a powerful system that will ensure to provide a new virtual system for its users, especially in the gaming sector. By combining NFT and the metaverse, the Gonfty team will present a new concept that offers various virtual solutions implemented with the system. Besides New NFT mechanisms and metaverse systems will be incorporated into their ecosystem in order to create a more complex NFT marketplace, as well as a virtual and governance layer. Using a unique algorithm, their team will offer a new kind of blockchain-based entertainment model where everyone can participate in the ecosystem’s development.
Gonfty itself provided a new economic mechanism, which in turn paved the way for the future of the metaverse. Gonfty’s official website, https://gonfty.network/, has more information on the metaverse ecosystem.

The platform GONFTY
GONFTY Polkadot project is a blockchain and metaverse gaming framework. An industry-leading NFT web3 on-chain gaming metaverse stage biological system is currently under development by our company. Metaverse and blockchain gaming have been likened to “Netflix for the metaverse,” and our ultimate goal is to build a foundational platform for a collection of interoperable, autonomous blockchain games that can be explored and played by end-users.
NFTs in the metaverse must be enabled to their full potential in order to launch the next virtual economy. By breaking down entry barriers and working together to establish new financial models for esteem production and cutting-edge development in the metaverse and blockchain gaming, we hope to achieve this goal. The advanced gaming economy is expected to be scaled up, bringing gamers and content creators into a new era of true capacity.
GONFTY has a number of distinct characteristics.
That’s the main difference between this and previous dex exchanges: It’s primarily for trading gaming assets with fellow players.
Because of this, it stands out from the rest.
Blockchain 3.0, which has not yet been created by any major L1 protocol, will be used in their Gonfty environment, which is compatible with Polkadot.
In the coming months, this ecosystem is expected to go live. As more ecosystem projects emerge, this one will be more appealing to game developers because it will be faster and safer than any of the others.

GONFTY mission is simple: to unleash the virtual economy of the future by unlocking the full potential of NFT in the metaverse. To achieve this, we are removing barriers to entry and facilitating the development of new economic models for value creation and next-generation innovation in the metaverse and blockchain games. Gonfty want to make the digital gaming economy bigger so that players and content creators have more power.

As the leading integrated digital platform ecosystem, we aim to facilitate the creation of NFT value in the metaverse’s future generations.
For community networks engaged in cross-sectional NFT gaming metaverse sectors, to be the preferred decentralized, non-custodial, long-term partner.

Green: Enabling on-chain superior FPS (frame-per-second) game development with enhanced gaming experience on the blockchain is the primary goal of this project.

Platform Services & NFTY Amity
GONFTY community service with open-source access :
Our Community DAO (decentralised autonomous organisation) service for our token-based membership to engage and experiment on our platform with access to our open-source code NFTY Ark

Access to packaged SDKs: Our self-managed service
Customers with in-house teams who just need the survival scrolls on the NFTY Ark to travel to new lands of opportunity can benefit from our solution. “.

NFTY Alchemy
GONFTY fully managed, white-glove service : GONFTY in-house team of accomplished alchemists who have mastered the mystic art of transmutation will your gather your requirements and work their magic to Make your own commercial elixir out of the raw material.


GONFTY employs a two-frame design with a utility symbol.

gNFTY (Administration Token for GONFTY)

NFTY-friendly DAO membership

Local Voting Proposal Area

Admittance to Metaverse Land Pre-deal Selectaţi

Automatic Income: Place a bet on gNFTY and receive NFTY $ automatically.

Maximum supply: 100 million chips.

Money Token for the Organic System in NFTY Dollars (NFTY $)

network exchange costs.

In-game purchases

NFT exchange sets and liquidity funds.

Awards for Members of the Environment

Maximum supply: 100 billion chips.


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