IKONIC is The First Global Esports NFT Market.

Adja Hadaban
5 min readJun 1, 2022


Esports has a market cap of $950 million and has risen at an annual rate of 9 percent since its debut. Million-dollar e-sports events are becoming a reality for folks who don’t get enough sleep. There are competitions that provide larger benefits than the Golf Tournament, the most popular golf tournament in the world. The historical sports sector has a thriving secondary economy dedicated to recreating the glory days of the game’s past. The sports memorabilia and memorabilia-related products industry generates more than $140 billion in revenue each year. Blockchain has been the single breakthrough in this field to date. NBA Top Shot has generated more than $230 million in just a few months. As a result, the company has a market value of $2 billion. While the e-sports industry is unique in today’s world, it is not without precedent. First, IKONIC will likely implement it.

What is IKONIC, exactly?
To our knowledge, IKONIC is the first global eSports NFT market. With the help of the IKONIC platform, gamers may create and support the most memorable moments in games and virtual worlds. IKONIC is the only NFT marketplace in the Esports and professional gaming industry that focuses on finding and recognizing the most memorable events.
Fans and e-sports players alike may benefit from the IKONIC program, which makes it simple for them to share their memories. The ultimate goal of IKONIC is to empower gamers. The ultimate goal is to move beyond only eSports. They want to help gamers become self-sufficient by allowing them to sell their games.

It has NFT Marketplace capabilities.
The IKONIC NFT marketplace makes it easier for people to participate in NFT by creating a user-friendly interface that hides the hard labor. Problems that are difficult to solve occupy people’s minds and prevent them from generating fresh ideas. Customers will have a one-of-a-kind experience thanks to IKONIC’s NFT marketplace. Because IKONIC value the player experience above all else, IKONIC created a marketplace for power distribution that follows a straightforward format.

Its NFT Marketplace highlights.

The IKONIC NFT commercial center works with NFT by planning a helpful connection point for clients to conceal the difficult work from them. Troublesome issues divert individuals and keep them from thinking of groundbreaking thoughts. By utilizing IKONIC’s NFT commercial center, clients will have an interesting and extraordinary experience. Player experience starts things out, so we fabricated a power circulation commercial center in view of a basic plan.

The Marketplace’s Features
Insert Your Clip — IKONIC NFT Marketplace allows you to easily insert clips into your game. Just connect your wallet to IKONIC and start uploading your videos. One of the advantages of our native connection is that you can upload photos from Xbox and PC simultaneously. As a result, the gap between gaming consoles and the NFT industry will narrow.

In addition to gluing the film, you can also cut it out. Let’s say your video is 30 seconds, but you want to use IKONIC to get the best moments of your playing time for everyone to see. IKONIC will take care of the video editing so you don’t have to do it!

IKONIC Templates — IKONIC Templates are created by the player just for you. To keep things fresh for you, IKONIC are constantly working on new design concepts. If there is no additional work after production, your image will be ready in a few seconds thanks to IKONIC. IKONIC aims to make the transition from video to NFT processing as simple as possible for its customers. Players can use the same themes and filters on Instagram and TikTok to edit movies. This app will be accessible to anyone.

For IKONIC, it’s about giving players what they need. With the use of a few clicks, you can change your NFT. From start to finish it took less than three minutes. The barrier between the game and the blockchain is solved with the IKONIC NFT Marketplace.

Application — The goal of IKONIC is to make the game as enjoyable as possible for its customers. It will be fun to gamble with IKONIC and you will benefit from it. IKONIC try to create a self -sufficient game environment. Three layers of rock will be used.

IKONIC and the Opportunities It Provides

IKONIC is not just a market. It’s a community event. As a community, the love of gambling is a powerful force with important things to achieve such as;

platform for new business systems with game services that allow the creation of exciting and innovative new game titles.

Create a start table leading to the daily game in the metaverse for the IDIE series games.

Creating and expanding a marketplace for all in-game assets will support creativity and contribute to growth.

IKONIC has the vision to see it; The rise of esports and the explosion of blockchain games. This vision brings opportunity and represents great economic opportunities in general even in the larger game. Together IKONIC will build a company with two trends and based on the rich and synergistic competencies that exist between them.


Token Name: IKONIC

Total Supply: 1,500,000,000

Hard Cap: $4,500,000

Seed Sale: $500,000

Strategic Sale: $950,000

Private Sale: $1,800,000

Public Sale: $1,250,000

Initial Market Cap: $878,000

Initial Circulating Supply: $43,903,361

Total Diluted Market Cap: $30,000,000

Information IKONIC
Website — https://www.ikonic.gg/
Telegram — https://t.me/ikonic_moment
Twitter — https://twitter.com/official_ikonic
Medium — https://medium.com/ikonic
LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/company/ikonic-official/
Discord — https://discord.gg/GgSD6B55

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