MMG is a community-based NFT digital assets blockchain game platform project.

Adja Hadaban
5 min readMar 7, 2022

Since the birth of cryptocurrency, one problem has always existed: it is difficult to use in everyday life. This is where the real money exists. However, due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are not backed by fiat currency support, they have to find their own way. However, a fully-fledged blockchain NFT game project with a digital assets blockchain game platform has come out! This is a world where you can truly interchange value! It’s about time for you to join the MMG family now!
The NFT token ecosystem is open. To help the early MMG project Community to set up a sustainable development of the value circle, to achieve common prosperity and change the NFT game world. MMG will use our financial strength to support MMG’s ecological partners.Including but not limited to investing in quality content, technology, traffic and other service providers — MMG goal is to create an open, transparent investment environment that supports long-term sustainable value creation.

Consider the following: What is Monopoly Millionaire (MMG)?
Monopoly Millionaire (MMG) is a non-transferable token (NFT) protocol built on Ethereum. It integrates non-financial transactions and game finance. The Monopoly game box is a game product that incorporates blockchain technology due to its digital assets and transaction characteristics. The following are the specific process rules: Through MMG, we will establish a decentralized investment bank, attracting global investors to invest in blockchain. Investing in MMG funds generates predictable returns and distributes all proceeds to investors. MMG is a new NFT endeavor. The trading rules for this digital asset token (MMG) are identical to those for conventional tokens. Its market value is determined by scarcity, supply, and demand. What distinguishes MMG from other financial assets is that it can be exchanged for traditional financial assets. Dividends will be paid to MMG shareholders based on investment returns.

MMG is dedicated to increasing your wealth and providing the tools to thrive in the crypto economy. MMG holders will be able to participate in MMG, receive dividends from their investments, and vote on other projects that increase market value. Over time, this should lead to strong growth for MMG investors through a buy-and-hold strategy. Investors have the opportunity to join groups that offer higher returns but require some effort and risk. In addition, parties participating in the MMG project will buy back and burn more MMG tokens with at least 15% of their profits, proving that the value created by our encrypted tokens is real.

MMG Vision
MMG vision is divided into two components: the game’s value and advertising. By and large, games can be considered intangible cultural heritage (along with art, history, and philosophy), which is cherished by people worldwide. MMG believes that current game box products lack imagination and creativity and have ceased to be “games.” Additionally, cultivating a value for games must be conducive to children’s development and changes in lifestyles; do not believe that games belong exclusively to leisure activities and leisure time. MMG Provides You With Features:

-Click here to purchase MMG tokens at PANCAKESWAP MMG can be utilized for Initial public offering speculation, sensible flattening and esteem added.

-Purchase NFT Snap to enter MMG’s NFT exchanging market Purchase NFTs for significant yields Stake to get 2% premium each day.

-MMG Initial public offering Snap to get to the Initial public offering page Get 100 percent multiplied public proposition standard All out 50 million MMG Initial public offering in 10 groups.

-NFT craftsman thought commitment, and innovative.

MMG is able to make a social impact by increasing the gaming population through ultra-low-cost marketing by capping game costs and providing players with encrypted tokens (NFTs). MMG can thus increase NFT transactions and provide users with additional ways to earn rewards in the game. Low-cost marketing can also increase user numbers, thereby increasing MMG’s own customer base. MMG’s smart contract protocol system may mean that the user base continues to expand over time and that users become more involved in the sub-ecosystem in the future.

Understand Everything Regarding Game Boxes
MMG Game Box Part 1: MMG Games 1–3 will be released as limited-edition toy boxes, which will include blind boxes, chess, card games, and World Cup games. MMG will implement massive bonuses into the game, and players will be required to spend MMG in order to have a chance to become a millionaire. Venture capital funds, game service fees, NFT transaction fees, and advertising fees all contribute to the game’s rewards.

Additionally, MMG Game Box is a community dedicated to the development of a global NFT game ecosystem. It will establish a digital world in which users can create their own digital assets and earn points for contributing to the community; users will also be able to freely exchange digital assets with other players.

MMG Game Box Part II: MMG Game Box will serve as a repository for users’ digital assets. Users can deposit digital assets such as NFTs purchased and sold on other platforms in the MMG Game Fund; they can also create and host their own NFTs here. Users can use the NFT they purchased or crafted here as an in-game item or to exchange money or other property with other players.

Tokenomics of MMG:

MMG is native token of monopolymillionair platform and currently mmg token trading live 2 exchange 1 is biggest decentralized exchange name is pancakeswap and 2 centralized exchange XT exchange so this is good chance to buy mmg token now.
Current price of 1 MMG= 0.002$ and 24 hours volume 500,000$. Total supply of mmg are 1,00000000 and circulation Supply only 30% so this is good opportunity to invest this project now.

MMG holder get extra reward for holding mmg token at website and 10% token for presale holder, 10% marketing, 5% team members and 5% for bounty and airdrop Hunters.

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