MMG is the first digital assets in the world that focuses on blockchain game popularization and development.

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Monopoly Millionaire Game Asset-based protocol Ecosystem, Game-based NFT media, the world’s first investment bank to blockchain .
MMG is a utility token based on Ethereum, which can be used for game and also for investment banking. The innovative nature of MMG helps developers to earn more profit from game products and improve the profit model of game projects. In addition, MMG has the characteristics of an ordinary NFT, so it will be listed in the exchange market, which means that there are multiple ways to increase its value. The current NFT asset named Monopoly Millionaire Game (MMG) issued by Etheremon is the first product issuing platform in the world that combines online blockchain games with blockchain technology. Through the development of this platform, Etheremon will open up new dimensions of business and user models, as well as value network methods, inspiring more users and developers to participate in blockchain games. The FIRST digital assets in the world that focuses on blockchain game popularization and development. Dedicated to help developers to earn more profit from their games, improving its income model.

What is the Process of MMG?
Rather than a traditional electronic money that requires individual theory, MMG is planned to be more open. The MMG tokens were arranged expressly for mass participation. While placing assets into computerized types of cash will overall be expensive and first class, MMG cuts down that check of segment by solidifying entertainment with significant resources. This blend simplifies it for anyone to partake in computerized cash ownership, paying little brain to the sum they can contribute or how agreeable they are with blockchain development. Tokens will consistently justify their expected to be worth (1 Monopoly Millionaire token = 1 US dollar), but players can moreover get them low and sell them high on an open business place or exchange light of natural market as well as future market values — making another sort of adventure a potential entryway despite indisputable advantage.

What Makes the MMG Game Box Unique?
To place assets into computerized types of cash yet know next to nothing about where to start, MMG is staying nearby for you. We simplify it for monetary patrons, taking everything into account, to take part in fascinating representative entryways that are changing endeavors and making new kinds of financial entryways customary. Besides comparably similarly as with anything, there’s a couple of readiness and method expected preceding getting everything going. You’ll have to figure out how much money you want to spend, how extended you expect to hold your coins and what sort of critical worth or return you want to achieve long term. Your reactions will likely be affected by your understanding into blockchain development and your evaluation of how advanced monetary forms fit into society all things considered. The more shown you are, we acknowledge, the better decisions you can make that are tweaked to your targets.
The player can trade the NFT at whatever point and situation, and the market cost will change as demonstrated by natural market. At the point when a player sells a NFT, MMG will take 10% of the trade cost as a commission (each player can set their own selling cost). In case the NFT isn’t traded inside 90 days, it will be returned to its one of a kind owner.
MMG will give 3 distinct approaches to players to return their NFTs:
While buying new cards, players can include their present NFTs as an element of the portion.
While buying new cards, players can include various sorts of existing coins as protection for acquirement.
Using existing game coins (like ETH) as protections for acquirement.

The MMG NFT Value:
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the new youngster on the blockchain. NFTs have overflowed in notoriety in 2021, creating from a dim arrangement to a thriving business area. NFTs are surprising electronic assets. This suggests that not at all like Bitcoin, which is a fungible token, each NFT isn’t viable with another copy of a NFT. These tokens have various potential use cases, including checking liability regarding works like workmanship or video, being traded games as collectibles, and extensively more.
Syndication Millionaire (MMG), a game that joins blockchain development and standard table games, has given imposing business model confirmations (NFT) as worth rousing powers for monetary sponsor. While the improvement of this thing has ensured the value preservation of its NFT by setting up a resource pool, it has furthermore guaranteed that each player can get rich by denoting their imposing business model confirmations in MMG.
The possibility of NFT is incredibly direct: Each symbolic addresses something unique. Along these lines, each token can’t be superseded by another identification of a comparative sort (it isn’t viable). You can think of them as remarkable progressed assets that can be used to address anything from craftsmanships to passes to virtual land plots.

In short
The MMG model presents a plausible solution to the problem of how to stay alert to liquidity for game-based developed assets. NFTs can be facilitated into play through value assurance frameworks, such as crowdfunding. By separating NFT from outstanding game understanding and placing it in the value insurance section, NFT becomes independent of the game (the resource pool will use benchmark procedures to screen for NFT recovery costs and guarantee that there is no shortage of individuals’ financing). NFTs can also be used as intermediary assets in trading auxiliaries through valuation instruments. The framework protects early adopters by creating a resource pool that guarantees recovery costs for each NFT and grows proportionally with each arrangement.
MMG empowers the gaming industry to explore new horizons in online blockchain gaming through Etheremon. In the future, other forms of valuables, such as houses, cars, and works of art, will be issued by MMG as NFTs based on Ethereum. At that time, MMG will be the foundation for popularizing and developing blockchain games.

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