RBX-A New Digital Payments Ecosystem Designed to Boost Global Trade and Commerce.

Adja Hadaban
3 min readFeb 25, 2022

A slew of failed DeFi projects have left many of us disappointed in the promises that they made. It’s not our platform! Let’s dissect this statement one by one to understand it better. The first thing to notice is that we have a new version of DeFi 2.0. If we’re correct, we believe we’ve fixed the problems that plagued DeFi 1.0
As early adopters, you have a unique opportunity to help shape this new ecosystem. The future of crypto and digital asset ecosystems lies in RBX-based DeFi protocols. We will democratize markets and work tirelessly to ensure that everyone has equal access to capital by making all necessary tools freely available.

For the first time, RBX is a new digital currency that will allow you to do all of these things without paying any transaction fees. There have recently been a number of digital coins with low values and high transaction fees. Due to the high transaction fees and the lack of technical knowledge, people who want to buy these coins simply give up. The currency exchange platform’s incorporation of RBX allows more users to buy and sell this new digital currency.

A New Digital Payments Ecosystem Designed to Boost Global Trade and Commerce. Smart Contracts and a Price-Stable Cryptocurrency are being used to drive global demand for cryptocurrency adoption in this innovative revolution in decentralized financial technology.
Biomass Energy.

There aren’t any charges. This isn’t a lie. It’s just RBX.
Creating products that are simple to use is an important part of making them user-friendly. Token transaction taxes have their advantages, but our goal is to make RBX move faster. We want users to be excited about using their tokens, regardless of whether they’re staking, farming, providing/managing liquidity, or simply interacting with external features.

Transaction taxes are completely omitted when using RBX. A modest 2 percent sales tax is the only charge; there are no other fees or costs associated with the sale. It’s possible to buy, store, move, stake, and play without reducing your holdings.
For the purpose of creating a stable, low-cost transaction ecosystem, RBX is a digital asset. First in a planned series of digital currencies based on the Carbon Protocol, this one is called the Carbon Coin.

Fueled by Carbon
Carbon’s new protocol set has been commercialized as RBX.
Everything we do with RBX revolves around Carbon, which serves as both our brand and technology provider. In order to separate R&D from practical market applications, Carbon engineers all of the RBX ecosystem’s functionality. In addition to being a (yet to be released) governance asset, Carbon also has value because of the money it has earned over the years.

For each Carbon token that is issued, the ecosystem’s economic activity is backed by an ever-expanding collection of digital assets. As a result, anyone can own a piece of what we do and each of our endeavors, creating an ever-growing and stable source of value.
From the ground up, RBX was created to make transactions as simple and painless as possible for its users. Transactions on the RBX network are free, devoid of inflation, and completed instantly.



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