Revenue Coin: The World’s First Full Service Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Adja Hadaban
4 min readMay 17, 2022


Revenue Coin is an innovative blockchain initiative that was the first token ever created that connects network users with businesses. It holds the distinction of being the only token of its kind in the entire globe. As a direct consequence of this, RevCoin causes a revolution in the token market and gives many astute and innovative businesspeople access to sources of financial support.
Revenue Coin is a BEP-20 token that is a vital part of the Revenue Capital ecosystem, which helps promising, high-tech enterprises by distributing funding and providing access to a shared client base. This is a long-term strategy to increase the value of Revenue Coin tokens by utilizing Revenue Coin Tokenomics.
In exchange, businesses have agreed to contribute a portion of their earnings, which is put toward the purchase of the token on the market, thus limiting the total number of tokens available. Consequently, owners of Revenue Coin tokens have a motive to continue to loiter because, as a result of this newly developed method of action, the token is picking up enormous value through the startups in which it is invested.
In a nutshell, owners of Revenue Coin (RVC) contribute funding to high-tech enterprises in order to assist startups in growing. In addition, ten percent of the profits are put toward methodical RVC purchases made in the market, which serve to lower the available supply and boost the asset’s value.

How does Revenue Coin work?
Revenue Coin ecosystem intends to develop an investor and founder community that can fund and support other businesses / startups without requiring any equity or ownership stakes from those involved. This is the goal. One of the goals of the program is to help high-potential entrepreneurs achieve their goals while also considerably improving their post-money valuation. In order to maintain the value of Revenue Coin’s portfolio firms, which will support the project and startups, Revenue Coin wants to devote a great deal of emphasis on locating these companies. To this goal, high-level advisors have been employed to make decisions and pick those projects that they believe are capable of generating money within a specified period and so obtain this funding within the ecosystem with entire security. On the other hand, projects that will receive funding can be chosen by the community, the owners of the token, so that firms agree to transfer a portion of their future earnings for the purchase and burning of Revenue Coins.
The RVC smart contract provides anonymity and decentralization for token purchases, reducing transaction costs and the time and effort required to acquire tokens.

Key benefits of RVC:

Exchangeability: Revenue Coin will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring its exchangeability with other coins on these exchanges.

Hidden products: Only Revenue Coin holders will be able to access special offers on new products.

Voting rights: RVC will also be a governance token within the Revenue Coin ecosystem, so holders will be able to make decisions on which future and upcoming projects will receive funding from Revenue Capital.

Liquidity: RVC will be traded on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Payment function: RVC will exist as an internal payment medium within the Revenue Capital ecosystem.

Tokenomics RVC

A native currency of the Binance Smart Chain network under the BEP-20 protocol, RVC is the Revenue Coin token. Because of its focus on distributing funds and providing access to a shared client base, RVC will play a significant and fundamental role in the Revenue Capital ecosystem.

In Short

Using this strategy has the potential to make the Revenue Coin Capital Ecosystem very attractive to investors. The increased demand for Revenue Coin tokens will increase the value of each token. At the same time, it will provide an infrastructure for services that can significantly reduce operational costs for businesses.
There is no question that cryptocurrencies, and cryptocurrency exchanges, are gaining in popularity. They are a useful trading mechanism for the average investor, but they also have inherent value that can be applied to other industries. There is no reason why this technology shouldn’t be applied to other sectors of the market, and I feel that Revenue Capital is a truly unique and intriguing take on this concept.

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