TVG Coin — World’s First Digital Coin Contributing to Charity Donations

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4 min readMay 9, 2022

There is a new way to use cryptocurrencies — without worrying about price volatility. TVG Coin uses blockchain technology to create an ecosystem where people can buy and sell products/services and contribute through philanthropy. Its unique system allows each product purchased to donate a portion of its profits to charitable causes. With this, it helps to create a transparent community that values ​​social responsibility. Whether social good is developed through our charitable partners ensures we go beyond just being a value-trading community, but also inspire a community that actively contributes towards a better world for all on social media.

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Users can trade and buy using TVG Coin while simultaneously donating to charitable causes. It enables global money transfers while ensuring complete financial transparency. With this innovative project, every purchase makes a difference in the world. A certain percentage of TVG is donated to charitable causes with every purchase, putting a smile on the faces of many who shouldn’t. Using the best blockchain technology and social responsibility, TVG Coin create innovative solutions.
It is TVG Coin ambition to be accepted in all 193 countries where it is legal tender. TVG Coin gets asked a lot about why we have so many coins, totaling one trillion. TVG aims for the circulation of 1 trillion coins to ensure that everyone who is part of this rapidly expanding open world has access. A certain amount of TVG coins will be donated to charitable organizations for each trade or transaction with TVG. Consider how the billions of transactions that occur every day around the world would make the world a better place for everyone if we could make a social impact.

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Beyond the technical aspects, TVG is a social coin that allows clients to sell or buy TVG coins while also contributing to a humanitarian cause. It is not a cryptocurrency. While at the same time, ensuring that financial transactions are transparent is about as simple as it gets when it comes to financial transactions. Apart from that, applying blockchain technology to a charitable cause has numerous advantages over traditional methods of charitable giving. [page numbering emphasis added]
TVG is a TRC20-based cryptocurrency that is used for e-commerce transactions on the TRON blockchain network. TVG Coin adds value to the ecosystem by allowing members of the TVG community to share earnings earned through staking and trade with one another. Faster transactions, lower gas fees, and the ability to use many blockchains are just a some of the advantages of the TRC20 ecosystem.

TVG Coin goal is to make TVG the worldwide currency that is accepted in practically every country on the face of the planet. TVG coins are usually asked why TVG Coin have such a huge number of coins, given that TVG Coin have a total of one trillion coins. In order to ensure that everyone in this rapidly increasing open world has access to it, TVG Coin need one trillion coins in circulation to keep up with the world’s population growth. A specific number of TVG coins has also been set aside for each exchange, which they can use to make a charitable contribution to a worthy cause. Consider how much better the country would be for all of us if we could have a social impact on the massive amounts of money that are transferred every day all across the world.


· Name: TVG Coin

· Symbol: TVG

· Total supply: 1 Trillion

· Coin Platform network: TRC-20

· Name of Coin: TVG: The Social Coin

Finally Of Conclusion
It has been demonstrated that transparency, trust and engagement are key for cryptocurrencies to be the next breakthrough in digital transactions. This project posits a solution to the various problems created by the present financial systems, not least of which is the absence of trust in its transactions. As such, TVG Coin is applying blockchain technology, transparency and social responsibility in its operations.
As technology continues to improve, the world of philanthropy is changing as well. TVG Coin offers a unique way for individuals to make charitable donations without being required to part with valuable capital. It provides a safe place for people to earn money for causes that matter to them. The application of blockchain technology ensures the highest level of security and trust, allowing people from all corners of the globe to participate in this innovative project.

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